The Earthworm

I have a dear friend who is into worms

Absolutely captivated by their wiggles and squirms

I think she’d study them day and night

But fortunately they can crawl out of sight.

Our Great God, when creating our earth and soil

Wisely created zillions of “tillers” to toil and toil,

Keeping the earth loose, nourished and aired

An amazing way to keep it repaired.

It has been proven that without the earthworm

Soil becomes dead and packed, much too firm;

So these precious creatures keep on the go –

Burrowing and churning the way that they know.

It spends its life eating dead grass and weeds

And decaying leaves to meet all its needs.

All the while it is recycling those things

Adding nutrients to the soil for the things Spring brings.

I’m not sure if earthworms sleep

But when it’s hot and dry they burrow deep.

I do know that after we’ve had lots of rain

They come up and wait for the soil to drain

The earthworm does what it was created to do

And never complains like some of you.

-Katherine Hansen


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