Trees of HBCSE

Family: Arecaceae

Family: Leguminosae/ Fabaceae (Caesalpinioideace)

Family: Leguminosae/ Fabaceae (Mimosoideae)

Family: Phyllanthaceae

Family: Casuarinaceae

Family: Apocynaceae

Family: Bignoniaceae

Family: Anacardiaceae

Family: Sapindaceae

Family: Myrtaceae

Family: Lecythidaceae


Family: Rhamnaceae

Family: Lythraceae

Family: Magnoliaceae

Family: Moraceae

Family: Malvaceae

Family: Rutaceae

Family: Sapotaceae

Family: Lamiaceae

Family: Araucariaceae

Family: Moringaceae

Family: Annonaceae

Family: Rubiaceae


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